Maudhuri Dixit: The IRON LADY


Madhuri is come back with a “BANG” in her next roles as she is portraying Indira Gandhi, India’s most powerful woman to date. The film is titled Mother: The Indira Ghandi Story and is produced by Krishna Shah.

The other actors that are considered for this role are Dharmendra, Abhay Deol and Nana Patekar were approached to play the different roles appropriate for this film.
Krishna Shah has done years upon years of research on Indira Ghandi and feels that Madhuri has both the life experience and the vigor to fit the role of Indira Gandhi in this upcoming film. The film is going to show two aspects of Indira Gandhi’s life, her victory in 1971 in the Pakistan war and her political career. It is set to be shot in the UK, India, Russia and the US.

Other actors expected to appear in the film are Hollywood superstars Tom Hanks who is expected to play a former US president and Tommy Lee Jones is also set to play a pivotal role.

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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