Kat being stalked by another cat on the sly …


Katrina, Bollywood’s most searched Indian celebrity on Google, has had problems with a reappearing stalker in the past little while. Although Katrina has been stalked by many other fanatical people, the current individual has located her place of residence and recently followed her to a multiplex. Authorities say that Katrina immediately recognized the stalker when he began to holler her name, she went on to tell security staff that he has already made two prior offenses at her house.

Although startled, Kaif did not file a legal complaint as she did not want to get herself into further legal complications. Having already filed a complaint the initial time the stalker had made an offense, Katrina did not bother with another report as clearly the stalker is not following police orders.

Another actress that had been stalked recently is Manissha Lamba by an individual known to have tormented other actors in Bollywood. The creeper persistently called Lamba from different numbers and began to threaten her when she did not answer his calls.

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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