Preity Zinta …. the next “Air Zinta”?


Michael Jordan watch out … make room for Preity Zinta! That is right, the Bollywood superstar has set her eyes on starting up an international girls basketball team to raise money for her charity. It is no secret that Miss Zinta takes interest in sport with her partial ownership of the Kings XI Punjab cricket team, however now she has her eye set on being captain of the proposed basketball team. Other recruits will include filmstars, models and socialites. Get this … they will be called the Dream Girls, perhaps if they have no game at least they can distract competitors with their runway walk and diva personalities.

But in all seriousness, Preity Zinta actually has a vast background in athletics having been a gymnast for 11 years and having practiced karate for another 9. The only thing holding Preity back from those slam dunks is her stature, standing at an agile 5 feet 5 inches. But do not fear, Preity Zinta is not leaving the Bollywood scene as she admits that her life is too extravagant and must continue to work so she can look as good as she does.

Cannot wait to see her do the full court press or better yet swisshhhh a three pointer!

Author: MumbaiRaj crew

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