Are Actors getting more innovative or just plain desperate?


We have seen actors and actresses becoming more and more involved in the promotion of their own film releases. It is common practice in Hollywood to appear on talk shows and entertainment shows, however Bollywood actors seem to be taking promotions to the next step. Recently Salman Khan took the place of a ticket vendor at Delite Theatre selling presale tickets of London Dreams along with his own autograph; the cast from this movie also appeared on the runway to promote themselves using Karan Johar’s fashion show as their platform.

Ok so clearly we are picking on London Dreams, but many other actors and actresses appear on hit Indian game shows to promote their latest release. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge is a great example, as this show is designed to promote up and coming talent, however as of recent actors and actresses have been taking over airtime and have been using such shows as a way to promote the sound track of a film release or premiere a clip of the film. Talent shows used to be great since they were all about young South Asians trying to make it in the entertainment business, however now they seem to have been plagued by Bollywood promotions!

Is film promotion starting to cloud our own judgement about Bollywood releases?

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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